Let there be films!

After long discussion and consideration Will and I have decided what our first tutorial video should be.

It’s not as much a strict tutorial for the first one, but an important lesson all the same for any and all filmmakers.

Better yet, we’ve just finished filming it! In the next week we will have it all edited and pretty for you guys to check out.

We will be working on a ton of new content this next month, so be ready.

Also I’d like to remind all the views that you are welcome to be apart of the site. We’d love to host some of your short films and even invite you along for a commentary track. Let everyone know how you did your films and maybe give out a few hints and tips on easier and more cost effective ways of shooting.

As for now we’re back to editing. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


About ciscff

The Chicago International Social Change Festival was created for filmmakers to showcase films that heighten public consciousness and provide a film forum for their productions to be screened on an international level. In addition, the festival is dedicated to the art of filmmaking and the filmmakers who make each and every work possible. This is a Chicago film festival with a specific focus on the issues facing society and how social change can make an incredible impact. Every day, society is in search of sustainable and innovative solutions that are designed to reshape the way the world views cultural differences and the many issues facing it today. Through this film forum, filmmakers are able to use their feature-length, short, documentary, or student films to fuel a movement. It is through this that true and inspiring social development can take place. History has shown that social change starts with ideas both large and small and film has been a major player in relaying new ideas to the world. Without ideas, society would be without the great strides that have been taken in recent decades to solve many of the world’s problems. Through this Chicago festival, filmmakers are able to translate their ideas onto the big screen and expose themselves and those ideas to the thousands of nonprofit and NGO organizations all over the world. This is an international film festival experience that people are hungering for on a global level. Overall, this is the chance for activist filmmakers to use their independent films to share information and it is also a skill-building opportunity for the filmmaker while producing a powerful, unforgettable, and transformative piece of work. We screen films that are unique and are made with the goal to benefit society by encouraging social change. http://chicagosocialchange.org/ View all posts by ciscff

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